Sardines have been moving around lately. Our current crop is fished either off the coast of Cornwall, traditional Cornish pilchards basically.  Or we fish them from a selection of hundreds of very small rowing size boats in the Ria estuary outside the factory; it’s like a fair trading system where we offer a base price which makes it worth the fisherman’s time to go fish. 


Scottish Brisling Sardines in Spring Water

Also known as spratts, we fish and pack this smaller species of sardines locally on the North Coast of Scotland where it is most common. The fish is very delicate, mid-size between an anchovy and a sardine. We pack our Brislings in nothing but local Scottish spring water adding only a little salt.

Filleted Sardines in Organic Sunflower Oil

We source our sardines from a small fleet of day boats that fish off the coast of Brittany using small purse seine nets and landing their fish within 12 hours of the catch. The fish is cut by hand, boned then presented in the finest organic cold pressed sunflower oil.