Speciality Jar Range

We recommend our amazing tuna fillets in first cold pressed olive oil, an absolutely delicious meal for two or three poured on top of crunchy green salad leaves, sliced tomatoes and black olives, with a squeeze of fresh lemon and freshly ground black pepper. We also welcome some new jar additions of line caught mackerel and juicy sardines in truly awesome home-made recipes

Speciality Jar Range

Only the finest cuts of Tuna, Mackerel and Sardine, in glass jars, combined with the very best Organic ingredients and home-made style recipes. 

Chilli Hot Sardines

If you prefer your fish with a little bite, you’ll love these chilli hot sardines. Full of flavour and combined with sumptuous organic olives.  

White Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil

Our Bonito del Norte white tuna fillet jars offer four delicious thick steaks, surrounded in first cold pressed organic olive oil.  They look amazing out of the jar and taste amazing too!  Also known as Albacore in the UK, US and Caribbean, Bonito del Norte boast a denser and meatier texture.  

Mackerel in Lemon with Capers

Mediterranean style mix of first cold pressed olive oil infused with lemon and organic capers. Refreshing and flavoursome. 

Mackerel in Orange and Black Pepper

This is something you’ve never seen before. We’ve combined our finest mackerel fillets with rich organic orange juice for a fresh, innovative new flavour. 

Seafood Cocktail

Organic mussels from the Galician Rios, wild prawns from the icy cold waters of Iceland and squid tentacles from the artisan fleet of Peru are mixed together and then dressed in a spicy organic olive oil marinade for this luxury cocktail that could be used in tapas or paella.